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14 April 2022
6 June 2022

Wallpaper re-inventing MARBLE

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MARBLE is undoubtedly the main character
of current interior design.

A noble and ancient material, used in old times both by sculptors and all the best Italian architects;
it has a natural, unique texture so expressive to be able to give soul to souless objects without it.


We refer to a refined and chic material able to convey a timeless elegance: it is destined to never go out of fashion! Marble refinement comes from neutral colours with its typical veins making it easy to match to every element and style, both classical and modern one. It is suitable to every environment also in simpler ones increasing beauty and elegance.
It is a material with lower use in furniture up to now as its weight does not allow an easy processing but thanks to new technologies we have been able to interpret and discover it giving birth to new concept. MODERNA wallpaper collection, fully designed,projected and realized by Parato srl is the real proof!


A new intruiguing dimension in which the stilish language is defined by a modern symbolism rich of pure shapes, organic lines and natural fibers allowing to play with the fantasy and discover imaginary landscapes. A fluid , insipring and creative design. Moderna was born from the synergy between the shades of colors and sophisticated textures : the new concept of the wall evoquing beauty and emotions being able to create luxury and enveloping atmospheres in balance between dream and reality .


MODERNA is a collection of high quality mural coatings : rolls of 106 cm width, enriched by typical Made in Italy embossing, modern colours and contemporary textures inspired by natural aesthetic.
MARBLE plays a main role in this collection: in a game of delicate but strong balance, marble materiality counteracts leaves and flowers lightness for a magnetic appeal!

Would you consider such a precious material inside your home?

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