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PARATO srl company management promoted the developing of an Integrated Management System compliant to:
- UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 -Quality Management System
- UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 -Environmental Management System
- PEFC ITA 1002:2020 -Chain of Custody Management for forest-based products and due diligence
- UNI EN 15102:2011 -Decorative wallcoverings, products on roll and pannels

to obtain aims having the purpose of ensuring continuity,reliability,conformity and improving of its own products by seeking the full customers’ satisfaction, ongoing developing of environmental performances and the well-managed forests and respect for human rights. The deployment of our Integrated Management System for Environment and PEFC Chain of Custody represents for our organization’s Management, one of the strategic tool used to obtain its own business goals.. According to these aims, our Organization’s Management is undertaken to the following points, each and all of them for their own working field:

  • look for the continuous enhancing of the product and offered service to their own customers;
  • define and document inner processes and all the aspects having an impact on environment and social fields thus highlighting interrelations and improving ideas;
  • define and document operating ways respecting needs of internal efficency, environmental protection needs and the requirements of chain of custody of forest-based products
  • ensure the Quality , environment and Chain of custody PEFC managing thus respecting conformity binding and voluntary requirements applicable to the organization;
  • ensure the conformity of its products to the established requirements of CE standard and marking
  • guarantee the effectiveness of the Integrated Managing System also through the total staff politicization;
  • improve technical skills of its organization;
  • decrease costs by decreasing inefficency;
  • grant an attentive control of product quality and offered service by ensuring the respect of agreement’s points and customers’ satisfaction range, through due diligence;
  • annually define, as to confirm what declared in this Policy, yearly aims and goals to every Process as to ensure, by reaching them, a continuous enhancing way of the managing activity by respecting environment and by managing the Chain of Custody for forest-based products.
  • guarantee the efficiency and proficiency of the environmental throughouts monitoring thanks to the use of control measures and the evaluation of performances able to give useful information on this matter;
  • optimize the resources usage, most of all the human ones and rationalizing the use of materials and substances during the process and decreasing the use of natural resources
  • look for the continuous enhancing of this Policy and of its improving programmes by taking into consideration all needs and expectations of involved parties thus considering risks and chances as well as environmental impact of the performed processes , of technical improvement and scientific knowledge.
  • adopt and use programmes, measures and rules to prevent, reduce or totally cancel health and safety risks of our workers;
  • promote and improve communication and mutual cooperation wirh workers and the whole community taking into consideration and properly replying to environmental themes, problems and warnings also referred to health, safety and human rights
  • qualify and constantly check supplier of important products and forest-based materials through due diligence;
  • management of the Chain of Custody PEFC with “Physical Separation” method which insures the constantly certified material is separated or clearly identifiable at all stages of the production, including storage .
  • enhance the waste managing having the goal of decreasing produced quantities and increasing the regenerated percentages;
  • promote at any level between our workers and companies operating inside the field, the participation and the sens of responsibility referring to this policy by reaching and even more skills’level with right training and information programmes thus respecting workers’ human rights through the free association, correct compensation, prohibition of child and binding labour, prohibition of inequality and discrimination;
  • continue to develop and information, formation and training plan eventually to extend to external people working with us who could probably create an environmental and managing impact. This will have the aim first of let Parato’s staff aware of the importance of respecting and knowing Integrated System procedures and secondly to improve the enhancing both from a managing and environmental point of view.
  • improve plants, processes and managing techniques adapting them as best as possible to the sustainability of economic and reasonable way as to prevent ,decrease or mitigate environmental impacts;
  • update suppliers and bidders information regarding the enhancing of an Integrated Management System, inside the organization and regarding its procedures to minimize or totally eliminate negative effects of external services;
  • ensure the highest cooperation with Authorities regarding the public health care;
  • communication with Interested Parties, to have good relationships regarding environmental topics of the place we work in and promote an open dialogue by granting total transparence on the managing of environmental aspects;.
  • peridiocally review this Policy and Integrated Management System during the Organization’s Management;
  • give human sources and necessary tolls to apply this Policy.

PARATO SRL applies, to all its levels, the need to enhance, use and improve this Integrated Management System by respecting all involved parties both internal and external ones thus respecting all linked laws, national and EU exsisting rules , subscribed agreements with Public Authorities and all interested parties, as well as rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, PEFC ITA 1002:2020 and UNI EN 15102:2011.

This Policy has been delivered to all workers, to all people working inside the Company and it is available for all interested parties, external people and for anyone asking for it. The same Policy will be periodically re-checked and updated , if necessary and needed, as to ensure its validity and pertinence to the organization contest.
To carry out what is planned into this Company Policy , the Organization is based on the help of all workers considering that its success and fulfilment is a continuity and improving warranty only reachable through the full involvement of all partners.


Parato s.r.l. observes close attention to quality of its products and to respect for the environment. That is the reason why the Parato's direction has promoted the development of an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System that takes account of the Chain of custody of forest.



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