PARATO - Wallcoverings

Our annual events are most successful in exhibitions for our industry. We fit a corporate stand in Frankfurt for Heimtextil and in Mosca for Mosbuild. Visit us in person .


The largest international trade fair for home and tissues , is a global point of reference for manufacturers , retailers and designers . Thanks to a worldwide network of 29 subsidiaries and 57 sales partners , the group is present in all the most representative markets and covers different production chains .


MosBuild , with over 2,000 exhibiting companies and more than 50 countries represented , is one of the five most important fairs in the world with regard to construction and decorative materials , the largest in Europe and Russia .


The groundwork for each new collection is based on an accurate study starting from the width of the wallpaper and keeping going on with the target of people to whom it will be intended to be. Each country has its own preferences also about the choice between classical and modern style, the kind of product or the presence/absence of glitter/brightness . Once guidelines have been found, the next step are the designs . The inspiration comes from a meticulous research and knowledge of the fashion world , design , architectural and decorative trends. Trend is a creative hypotesys , nothing consolidated or tangible. It is something on which you can work on and shape it. It comes from desires and needs. It is something abstract to which you can give it substance. Being mindful to each new decorative innovation is a must to revive the inspiration and create always fresh and pioneering designs. In addition to the design itself , we need to talk about colours , too. Fashion shows and style magazines come to this aid . Fashion is a shared taste . Some stylists can impose colour shadings succeding into incoming seasons. There are millions of variants of a given colour , but only a small range is the one to catalyse the attention in a specific period. The design department decodes the trends and reenacts them. Of course , there is no exact copy of what has been found. If for example there is the trend of Scottish style , it doesn’t mean we all have to wear kilts. It is the designer creativity to take action on the research. There is a revision of traditional designs according to different styles by making them contemporary. Fashion has cycles and recycles as they have always been. Designers in the 70’s used to check what their colleagues did in the 30’s. The recall to something already created there’s always been.There’s the recall to something but going further without copying. The theory of the consumption cycles by Georg Simmel explains that something going out of style, then it comes back as trend. After twenty years , any cloth comes to be interesting again. Generation gaps have advanced with new technologies. Nowadays, it is commun use to talk about generation gaps every three years and half.


2017 was a very prolific year about creativity. We had the chance to express ourselves in different fields besides the classical style characterising the “ Made in Italy “ style, such as modern one. In the classical one, we emphasised a ramage with interwoven designs by creating lovely games of shapes and colour: Domina and Ambrosia are the collections showing more than others this peculiarity , but of course there are also important classics such as damasks and stripes to complete the collection. Concerning colours , together with the unfailing and alwyas requested light colours , we point out a beautiful deep blue, a regal and striking colour , which has been placed as one of the most fashionable in these last months. For what concerns the modern style , we have contemporary impactful designs , silhouettes being able to capture the attention and tip you off. We are living a rebirth of this style where geometric designs coalesce to floral ones in harmony. A great variety of textures brings more richness to the collection. Also here it is inevitable the presence of the blue, but it has to be underlined the importance of some green shades , symbol of serenity and growth, perfect to raise positive feelings to those living these designs in their houses.

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